Quality Policy

Our commitment to quality is the foundation of our firm commitment to excellence.

TRYO Aerospace Quality Policy

TRYO Aerospace supplies radiofrequency / microwave equipment to satellite and ground systems manufacturers and space agencies, for navigation, communications, space exploration and Earth observation applications.


Our goal is to fulfil our customers’ needs and expectations, as well as applicable regulations and legal requirements, in an effective and efficient way.


So, TRYO Aerospace Management commitment to the Quality for the whole Company’s processes and activities is permanent.


This Quality Policy may be reviewed. and its development is under the responsibility of all and each one of TRYO Aerospace employees.

It is implemented through the identification, application and maintenance of the Quality Management System processes, according to EN 9100 standard requirements. This system is ruled by its documented procedures, which are mandatory for the whole Company employees on the corresponding applicable aspects.


The Company Management is committed to the continuous processes improvement.

So, their performance, product conformity and on-time delivery are measured, their objectives are reviewed and due actions are performed in order to fix deviations and reach the planned goals.


The Quality is a primordial business competitiveness and profitability factor and so, a guarantee for the future of TRYO Aerospace.

For this reason, the Management pushes and supports the initiatives emerged for the compliance of the Quality objectives, by providing the required human and material resources.

RYMSA RF Quality Policy


Quality is one of the main priorities for RYMSA RF management team. It is our aim to reach the highest level of quality in every area so that products and services provided to our clients comply with all relevant legal requirements and regulations.


RYMSA RF considers that excellence in quality is of utmost importance, both as a competitive factor of the present as well as of the future challenges of our company.

To this end, we have a firm commitment to use all necessary resources; firstly, training our staff is essential. Likewise, improving channels of communication contributes to gain an insight of the processes of our Quality System and enhances its management.


The Quality System has been developed according to EN ISO: 9001 standard requirements.

The full range of processes put in place in the Company to conform to the ISO Standard, and the activities that entails, are contained in the Quality Manual and in all other documents referred to in it.


It is the responsibility of all stakeholders of RYMSA RF to correctly apply the Quality Manual procedures. In this respect, all our staff shall follow the requirements of the Quality Manual so as to encourage quality culture.