TRYO Aerospace

Space Qualified Antennas, Passive and Active Equipment & Subsystems

TRYO Aerospace was born from the merger of RYMSA Espacio and the space business division of MIER Communications, with the aim of expanding the portfolio of products and services we offer to our customers, leveraging the synergies of both companies in their consolidated industries.

Since the beginning of our activity in the space sector in the mid-80s, we have contributed more than 5000 units on over 500 space missions. This has allowed us to accumulate an ample flight legacy in a multitude of components for payload and TT&C systems, thus offering our customers highly competitive conditions both for the supply of standardized components as well as for the development of designs with features tailored to the needs of new systems.

Accredited under EN 9100, we have engineering capabilities in all areas (RF, electronics, thermo-mechanical, software, radiation, procurement, testing, quality, management, etc.), highlighting our solid experience in power handling and the design of Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC).

TRYO Aerospace

Madrid location:
+34 91 876 07 07

Barcelona location:
+34 93 860 54 71

The facilities in Madrid and Barcelona are well equipped with all kinds of resources and means for the design, manufacture, integration and testing of antennas, passive units, active units and subsystems.

  • Machine shop equipped with high precision machinery capable of supporting mass production.
  • Fully automated bath lines for silver plating or chemical conversion coating metal.
  • Different white and black paints graded on multiple substrates.
  • Two large Class 100,000 clean rooms, one measuring 600 m2 (6,400 ft2) and the other one with ESD protection 500 m2 (5,300 ft2) for the assembly and integration of both active and passive units.
  • RF laboratory capable of measuring up to 70 GHz.
  • Anechoic (2) and semi-anechoic (1) chambers for measuring and adjusting antennas.
  • EMC chambers (2) and facilities for measuring conducted EMC.
  • Thermal testing chambers in vaccuum (4) and under ambient pressure (6)
  • Vibration shaker
  • Power testing benches from L to Ka bands for continuous power testing, multipactor effect, corona discharge and PIM.

In addition to the above general purpose facilities, in TRYO Aerospace we have specific resources for assembling Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuits (MHIC) and the manufacture of waveguides.

Today, our technology is found embarked on satellites from each and every one of the leading integrators in the world. In addition, we have participated and continue to participate in major projects of the European Space Agency (ESA), supplying key systems for the reception and transmission of mission data and TT&C.

TRYO Aerospace Heritage

Tryo Aerospace Heritage

"Our commitment to quality is the foundation of our firm commitment to excellence"

TRYO Aerospace Awards

ESA's Appreciation for contribution to GOCE and MetOp missions
ESA’s Appreciation for contribution to  MetOp
Lockheed Martin's Star Supplier Award
Two Lockheed Martin’s Star Supplier Award (2005 & 2012)
Airbus D&S's 2004 & 2005 Master Performance Award
Airbus D&S’s 2004 & 2005 Master Performance Award
ESA's appreciation for contribution to GOCE
ESA’s Appreciation for contribution to GOCE
U.S. Navy's AEGIS excellence Award
U.S. Navy’s AEGIS excellence Award
Thales recognition of outstanding contribution to Iridium NEXT
Thales recognition of outstanding contribution to Iridium NEXT
SSL's recognition of outstanding performance on ICO
SS/Loral’s recognition of outstanding performance on ICO
MDA’s Archievement Award 2015 for performance in BRIsat program
MDA’s Archievement Award 2015 for performance in BRIsat program