Corporate Social Responsibility


At TRYO SENER Group we are firmly committed to advancing and implementing corporate social responsibility policies and initiatives that, in line with our corporate values, contribute to the balanced growth from an economic, social and environmental perspective, providing quality service and contributing to the creation of value for all participants in the value chain.

Therefore, we believe in developing our activities in all business areas on the basis of four main pillars:

Responsible and ethical behavior

Commitment and integrity being part of our core values, we aim to (i) develop our activity within the existing legislation at all times, responsibly managing the risks arising from a changing legal environment, (ii) promote a culture of ethical behavior, (iii) increase corporate transparency, promoting implementation of the best practices in corporate governance.

As part of responsible management we have recently adopted a Code of Ethics. The Code contains specific rules of conduct for the prevention and control of illicit practices. This commitment extends by way of the Code of Ethics, to all our professionals and partners in the daily performance of their activities.

Safety, health and well-being

Technological Development and innovation are the main drivers of the TRYO SENER Group. Therefore, one of our greatest assets lies in the talent and skills of our people.

Consequently, the professional development of all the people who make up the human teams, is one of the our main objectives. Our multicultural teams are comprised of men and women of diverse nationalities and different profiles, an element of fundamental value which promotes diversity, equal opportunities and teamwork as the guiding principles of our culture.

Consequently, promoting and retaining talent, fostering the professional growth of all the people who make up our workforce and developing their skills and knowledge through training, are fundamental elements of our human resources policies.

Our commitment itself requires promoting safety and a healthy working environment, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance at all times.

Community Involvement

In order to contribute to the future of society, at TRYO SENER Group we are committed to education, as the basis of investment in community progress and individual development. As such, we focus our efforts on youth training and in raising the awareness of young people about the importance of industry, innovation and technology in the development of people and their environment.

Therefore, we are committed to the education of our youth through a series of collaborations with academia in various educational processes (university education, vocational training and compulsory basic education):

  • We act as a partner for external internships with the Autonomous University of Madrid
  • We participate in the Networking Talent Day at the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech and in the Fira Empresa F/Q at the Universidad de Barcelona.
  • We are members of UPC
  • We collaborate with La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull.
  • We support our team and push the direction of thesis projects for different university students.
  • Seeking to promote and raise awareness of the importance of R & D for the future of society, we organize the annual visits of different schools to our facilities.
  • We collaborate with the non-profit organization, which funnels assistance in implementing educational projects.

Quality and Environment

One of the main focuses of our activity is to offer our customers tailored solutions with the strictest quality standards. Therefore we periodically audit our systems and productions, so that they are conveniently certifies in accordance with the principal international standards, which include:

UNE-EN-ISO 9001:

Quality management system. It is the common framework of quality management for the company.

ISO 9001:2008

UNE-EN 9100 Aeroespacial series:

Systems of quality management representing the common framework of quality management for aerospace activities.

EN 9100
EN 9100 ISO 9001

Other interesting facts about the TRYO SENER Group

As a result of innovative practices, business management and technological achievements, TRYO SENER Group has received various awards, some of which are:

  • MODA Achievement Award for our contribution to BRIsat (2015)
  • Connexio 2014: FECEMINTE in the field of information technology and communication (2014)
  • Celtic Excelence Award in Bronze for participation in the international Engines project (Celtic Core Group, 2014)
  • Specialist Team Silver Award for industrial excellence for GAia (Royal Aeronautical Society, 2014)
  • Recognition of the Loral Space System for its outstanding performance in the ICO Program ( 20XX)
  • Star Supplier Award from Lockheed Martin (2012)
  • Cristòfol I Josep Canudas Prize for co-research with the Polytechnic University of Catalunya and l’Institut de Ciènces del Mar on the SMOS Proyecto (2011)
  • Innovation Prize from the Uniò Patronal Metalúrgica (2011)
  • Spanish representative in the European Business Awards (2010)
  • Business Excellence Award, as recognition of work in the expansion of telecommunications as a DTT equipment supplier (COETTC, 2007)
  • Flyer Award as best aerospace company (2005)
  • Master Supplier to Astrium for TT&C (2004 and 2005)
  • Star Awards from the US Navy for our contribution to AEGIS (2002)
  • Star Supplier Award from Lockheed Martin (2002)

TRYO SENER Group participates through its companies in different associations:

  • Association of Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Digital Content Companies (AMETIC)
  • Spanish Association of Technology Companies for Defense, Aeronautics and Space (TEDAE), which integrates Spanish technology industries present in these three areas of activity.
  • AEC (Spanish Quality Association)
  • Association for the Advancement of Management (APD)

We promote the participation of employees in various sporting events, such as the Barcelona Triathlon and the Madrid Corporate Race.