Active Equipment

TRYO Aerospace

Low Noise Amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Excellent performance for telecommunication payloads
    • State of the art noise figure in a wide operational bandwidth
    • Low power consumption, small size and low mass
  • Covering the spectrum from L Band to Ka band
    • L Band and S Band for Mobile Satellite Systems (MSS)
    • Ku Band and Ka Band for Fixed Satellite Systems (FSS)
  • Stand alone unit with integrated high efficiency DC/DC converter
    • S Band, Ku Band and Ka Band
  • Compact solution of assemblies or RF slices with Centralized Power Supply Unit (CPSU), with integrated 2:1 redundancy switch also available
    • Hundreds of flight units delivered and in orbit in L and S Bands
    • Under development in Ka Band

Frequency Converters

Active Frequency Converters
  • Down Converters in Ka Band
    • Excellent phase noise Local Oscillators (LO)
    • Stand alone unit with integrated LO and high efficiency DC/DC converter
    • Compact solution of RF slices with centralized LO and CPSU under development
  • Down Converters in Ku Band
    • Ongoing product evolution for serial production for Telecom Market
  • Down Conversion from Ku/C Bands to L/IF Bands
  • Up Conversion from IF/L Bands to C/Ku Bands
  • Heritage in assembly solutions combining up and down frequency conversion with centralized Local Oscillator and CPSU

Solid State Power Amplifiers

Solid State Power Amplifiers
  • Custom SSPAs for specific missions in different frequency bands and applications
    • VHF Band, L Band, X Band, Ku Band
    • Flight heritage in Geostationary telecommunication payloads, Science, Navigation and
    • Earth Observation missions
  • Fixed Gain (FG) and/or Automatic Loop Control (ALC) modes supported
  • Power and Phase Control in active antennas
  • Ka Band HPA based on GaN technology currently under development

Power Monitors

Active Power Monitor
  • Power monitoring for different types of space applications
    • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation of satellites
    • Space exploration missions
    • Earth Observation satellites
    • Almost 1000 power detectors delivered, hundreds in orbit
  • Excellent performance in detection linearity for Radiometric missions
  • Compact solutions available
    • Assembly of several inputs integrated in a single equipment