Tryo is an industrial group specialized in RF & microwaves technologies.

We design and manufacture advanced and custom equipment and systems to the Space, Broadcast, Air Traffic Control and other niche markets.
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TRYO Aerospace

Advanced microwave equipment and subsystems from VHF to Ka band to the world leading satellite manufacturers and Space Agencies for a wide range of applications, such as Telecommunications, Navigation, Space Exploration or Earth Observation.

Rymsa RF products



A global leader in the deployment of digital Radio and TV networks, antenna systems & RF passive accessories for broadcast, air traffic control (ATC), defence & scientific markets.


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Last News

SENER acquires TRYO Aerospace & Electronics group

This operation has enabled SENER to add to its capabilities in aerospace communications systems while, at the same time, expanding its engineering capabilities towards industrial activity in the space and defence sectors.

RYMSA Renews Television in Manila

RYMSA has played its part in the recent renovation of the Solar entertainment equipment in the Antipolo Broadcasting Centre in the city of Manila. The existing system has been renovated with twenty-four UHF panels so as to improve indoor reception of the almost twelve million viewers who live in the metropolitan area of the capital.

CERN trusts RYMSA for the Extension of the large Hadron Collider

In its growth process into the scientific market, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has selected RYMSA as unique supplier for the manufacturing, integration and cabling of 2752 pieces of output filters and 2752 pieces of high frequency transformers