Antenna systems for broadcast and air traffic control

RYMSA has led the market for RF antennas, antenna systems and passive equipment for radio and television since the eighties, when it created an antenna test field at its facilities in Madrid. The end of that decade marked a process of internationalization that it has continued until today.

Already in this century, RYMSA RF has become the first supplier of the Spanish DTT network, the first to be developed in the world and a moment in which it established itself as leader in the Latin American market and an important reference in the rest of the world.

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Recently, RYMSA RF has been a pioneer in the manufacture of radiant television systems in elliptical polarization, one of the key trends in the development of DTT networks in the international market. Moreover, it is today the world’s leading manufacturer of secondary radar antennas for air traffic control.

In addition, as part of its strategy of geographical and product diversification, RYMSA RF has become part of Mega Industries, an American company based in Gorham (Maine), leader in the design and manufacture of rigid and flexible wave guides and very high power coaxial components for broadcasting, medicine, defense, industrial and scientific applications.

The company is ready to respond both to the global implementation of digital radio and TV services via terrestrial broadcasting and to the modernization of air traffic management systems.

It is also currently very active in emerging Asia-Pacific markets, where it operates from a new sales office in Singapore.

Principal products and solutions

  • Complex custom-made broadcasting antenna systems.
  • Filters and channel combiners for radio and TV (analog and digital)
  • Turnkey broadcasting system solutions
  • Complete radiating system for secondary air traffic control radar
  • Complex systems for industrial and scientific applications (particle accelerators)
  • Passive RF components and accessories.

Some of our customers

RYMSA RF is the preferred supplier for the principal international radio and TV operators, such as:

  • Abertis Telecom S.A. (Cellnex S.A.) and Itelazpi, S.A., Spain
  • Andina de radiodifusión S.A.C., Cia. Peruana de Radiodifusión S.A., Corporación radial del Perú S.A.C., Radio Programas del Perú y América TV, Peru
  • INVAP S.E., Argentina
  • Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc., The United States of America
  • RTVC y CCNP, Colombia
  • TDF, France
  • Televisa S.A.B. y TV Azteca, Mexico
  • TRT, Turkey

Furthermore, RF RYMSA supplies air traffic control equipment to important customers:

  • Indra S.A., Spain
  • Airbus Defence and Space, Germany
  • Raytheon, U.K.
  • Thales Communications & Security S.A., France
  • NRPL, Finland

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